Over the holiday season we were able to bless hundreds of families in Augusta, GA, Harlem and Queens, NY because of so many of you who donated in some way. We heard stories during Thanksgiving about families who would not have had a traditional meal for their household if it were not for the assistance of the people, businesses and partners with The Annual James Brown Turkey Giveaway. Also, parents who were able to get toys and fun activities for their children this past Christmas at The Annual James Brown Toy Gives told stories of their hardships and inability to provide for their children.

We are truly thankful to the many volunteers who worked to insure that each giveaway was handled with ease. Fans and friends of the late Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown, "Thank you" for your continued support. To the sponsors who, by all means, make it possible for this Foundation to help our neighbors, youth and communities, without your support The Jones family in Augusta, Ga would not have had a turkey for Thanksgiving. Ms. Etterle didn't know how she was gonna get toys for her 7 year old daughter, who knows nothing about the state of the economy, but the sponsors and donors of this Foundation saw to it that this was the best Christmas ever for her.

In Harlem and Queens, students and their parents of The Mama Foundation and children of a domestic violence shelter were showered with blessings because of private donors and corporate sponsors who cared enough to partner with us and help provide to those who needed some extra help. Some were families of Hurricane Sandy and many were just on hard times.

Again, we truly appreciate all who work in service to help make it a little easier for those who have a hard time just making ends meet daily.

Please check out the "Sponsors" page to see those sponsors, partners and volunteers who helped.


See you next holiday season!

Deanna Brown Thomas