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James Brown Daughter Keeps His Legacy Alive Through J.A.M.P

J.A.M.P. kids pose with guest speaker Flex Alexander after the L.A. masterclass. (courtesy photo)

Keith Jenkins

Keith Jenkins

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Born and raised in Augusta, GA in 1974, Keith Jenkins began playing guitar at age eleven. Initially inspired by the Rock guitar heroes of the day, particularly Edward Van Halen and Angus Young, Jenkins eventually became enthralled with the sounds of Sixties Soul music and the Blues.

As a teenager, Jenkins was fascinated with the music and persona of Soul icon and fellow Augusta native, Mr. James Brown. At age twenty, Jenkins was offered the opportunity to audition for his idol, and within minutes of meeting and playing for Mr. Brown, he secured a position in the Godfather of Soul's legendary backing band the Soul Generals.

Over the next twelve years, Jenkins toured the world with the James Brown Show and performed at many notable venues and events. By 1999, Jenkins was leading the band in rehearsals, recording sessions and live performances, as Mr. Brown relied heavily on Jenkins' extensive knowledge of his music and arrangements. Mr. Brown even insisted that Jenkins accompany him on special engagements with other top artists such as, Dave Matthews Band, Lenny Kravitz, and Usher.

After Mr. Brown's passing on Christmas Day 2006, Jenkins began his role as Maestro for the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils, a program founded by Mr. Brown's daughter, Deanna Brown-Thomas. Jenkins has since been instrumental developing the skills of young musicians by instructing and sharing his knowledge, personal experience, and expertise. He continues to teach, do session work, and perform live with various groups, including the James Brown Band.