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James Brown Daughter Keeps His Legacy Alive Through J.A.M.P

J.A.M.P. kids pose with guest speaker Flex Alexander after the L.A. masterclass. (courtesy photo)

Daniel Sapp

Daniel Sapp

Our Advisory Board -

Grammy-Nominated Maestro Daniel “D.U.B.” Sapp was born and raised in Augusta, GA. Maestro Sapp is widely known for his musical abilities and for his passion and involvement in music education. At the age of eleven Sapp started playing the trumpet and writing/composing original pieces. He quickly realized that music was his calling, now holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a minor in Creative Writing. As a professional musician Sapp gigs with his band The Sounds of Brilliance while maintaining a position as one of the Maestros of Music at the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils where he teaches music theory and performance to children ages 3 - 18. In 2016 Sapp was nominated for the Grammy Music Educators Award while working as the Music Director for three different schools simultaneously.

As a recording artist/producer/songwriter Sapp celebrates the launch of his independent publishing and production company, Brilliant MusiQ. The company’s name was derived from his alias (D.U.B.) for “Don’t Underestimate Brilliance.” Sapp’s musical background spans several genres including classical, jazz, funk, r&b and pop. Naming iconic legends such as Wynton Marsalis, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and James Brown as his inspirations, Maestro Daniel Sapp hopes to soon sit amongst the ranks.