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James Brown Daughter Keeps His Legacy Alive Through J.A.M.P

J.A.M.P. kids pose with guest speaker Flex Alexander after the L.A. masterclass. (courtesy photo)



The JAMP MASTERS WILL PERFORM in the “Rebuild the Dream Village: Celebrating Community, Creativity and Collaboration” on-site at theUNITED CENTER on Monday, September 24, 2012 from 5 pm – 8 pm. The Village is a collaboration between Rebuild the Dream and Prince at the upcoming “WELCOME 2 CHICAGO” concert series in Chicago.

This truly unique collaboration, sponsored in partnership with REBUILD THE DREAM along with PRINCE and the NPG offer music students a chance to shine “unlike any other” performance. The Rebuild the Dream Village will offer concert-goers an opportunity to share and join together in building vibrant and sustainable communities. Artists, innovators and community leaders will showcase solutions, art installations, actions and information on how to improve the economy and the planet. The JAMP MASTERS will be a featured performer in the Village and will be lifted up as an example of how youth – through art and music -- can lead the way in creating a more inclusive, safe and sustainable community.

JAMP MASTERS are a group of young musicians who attend the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils (a.k.a. J.A.M.P). Headquartered in Augusta GA, J.A.M.P is the innovation of Deanna Brown Thomas, daughter of the late “Godfather of Soul” JAMES BROWN, and the president of The Brown Family Children Foundation (JBFF). Joining forces with educators, musicians, entertainers and professionals around the world, J.A.M.P. was formed to educate, motivate and inspire youth through music. This year-round academy is based on the disciplines of the late James Brown, where students learn to play a musical instrument, music theory, composition and stage performance. Since its inception in 2011, their schedule has comprised of performances at the Douglas Theater in Macon GA, the Augusta Museum (shown above) and many noteworthy community based programs, schools and for civic organizations around the country. For more information on J.A.M.P. and the foundation, go to www.jamesbrownfamilyfdn.org

REBUILD THE DREAM is a movement for inventive and community-based solutions that can fix our economy from the ground up. We’re collaborating with the Dream and Prince along with other artist at the recently announced Welcome 2 Chicago upcoming tour starting September 24th, to lead the way to more vibrant and sustainable communities. In the Rebuild the Dream Village, on-site at the United Center, you can be part of the celebration. Thousands of people will join artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and local leaders to share in community-based engines of grassroots power, environmental action, and economic growth. Together, we’ll help the world! To learn more about “Rebuild The Dream” log onto: http://rebuildthedream.com/prince/?source=rtd_feature

Don’t miss this, a night of musical distinction unlike anything we’ve seen before, with

Rebuild the Dream, Prince and the JAMP MASTERS!

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