James Brown Daughter Keeps His Legacy Alive Through J.A.M.P

J.A.M.P. kids pose with guest speaker Flex Alexander after the L.A. masterclass. (courtesy photo)


JAMP Fall Sessions

JAMP-Fall Schedule

Oct 5 - May 19
Tuesday and Thursday 4p-6p

Saturday schedule: 10a-2p (Parents provide lunch for class) no red dye juice.

Oct 16th and 30th
Nov 6th and 20th
Dec 4th

Special dates:
Nov 22 (Turkey giveaway, mandatory)
Dec 18th (Toy giveaway, mandatory)

Saturday schedule 2022
Jan 8th and 22nd
Feb 5th and 19th
March 5th and 19th
April 2nd and 16th
April 30th (Special Tribute to JB)
May 14th

JAMP EPK Concerts

The students work with alumni of the
academy during their Annual Jampcert at
The James Brown Arena.



About J.A.M.P.

jampcolor logo webJ.A.M.P. is a Musical, instrumental, initiative year-round hub designed for the youth to discover their musical ability to “Staying on the Good Foot.” Founder Deanna Brown-Thomas, daughter of the Late “Godfather of Soul” collaborated with various educational consultants and music educators across the country to form this awesome melodic, educational academy. Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia— the stomping grounds to the Late James Brown, the hardest-working man in the business— J.A.M.P! is a non-profit musical village that operates solely on small grants, donations and tuition. J.A.M.P!’s intentions are to motivate, educate and inspire children through the universal language of music and enrich their hidden musical abilities.

For more info call 803-640-2090 email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The James Brown Family Foundation,,, Inc. began in April of 2007 to continue a legacy of charitable giving begun by James Brown.

Maintaining the Turkey and Toy Giveaways founded by James Brown, was extremely important to James Brown’s children.  On November 19, 2007, after Mr. Brown’s passing, his children held the first Annual JBFF Turkey Giveaway, in his memory. The first JBFF Annual Toy Giveaway was held on December 21, 2007.  Both events have become a day of reflection but, also a day of helping those in need. 
The James Brown Family Foundation,,, Inc. began in April of 2007 to continue a legacy of charitable giving started by James Brown.
The James Brown Family Foundation,,, Inc. is a non-profit organization created in accordance with the wishes of James Brown, to continue his legacy of charitable giving and to see the world as he did, bringing hope to those who are less fortunate. Through The James Brown Family Foundation,,, our commission is to expand James Brown's vision , touching those here at home and around the world to assist underprivileged children and impoverished families through our initiatives and projects.


"Empowering global communities through the Arts and Sciences."


JBFF “MUSIC” Scholarships – Musical instruments will be awarded to elementary and secondary schools through this scholarship program. This initiative will also include high school students who choose to pursue a career in the music industry.

The JAMES BROWN Award of Excellence – An Outstanding Student Achievement Award will be given as special recognition to a student who has excelled in academics. In addition, an Outstanding Music Artist Award will be given to a performing  artist in the music industry for his/her musical contributions.

JBFF Internships/Mentorships – A national search will be conducted for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the music and entertainment industry. Interns would be paired with performing artists at concerts, recording studios, guest appearances and writing sessions.


JBFF Health Awareness Campaign - As part of our humanitarian effort, we will expand our vision by providing health education and awareness to communities nationwide where the need to address growing health concerns is critical. This endeavor will help individuals make better decisions that will lead them to healthy, productive lives.

JBFF Disaster Relief - We will partner with organizations to provide assistance to children and families in crisis in addition to helping those who have been displaced due to natural disasters such as Katrina, or Haiti.

Annual James Brown Turkey and Toy Giveaway - The JBFF will continue to hold an annual Turkey and Toy Give-Away in Augusta, GA. This endeavor supports financially challenged families who are unable to provide for their families during the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. This effort expanded to other cities across the U.S. in 2010.


JBFF JAMP – JB Academy of Musik Pupils is a musical village which offers students an exciting and unique opportunity to learn the history of James Brown, participate in music programs, network with children from around the world, attend educational workshops, field trips, receive key information from guest speakers in the music industry. Students are taught music theory, to read music, write their own songs and play a musical instrument.

A Career in the Entertainment Industry – Most children are unaware of the many diverse opportunities that exist within the music industry. We will partner with colleges and universities nationwide to create a music career awareness campaign for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the music and entertainment industry. The campaign will also include a promotional tour with upcoming performing artists.

JBFF Tribute Song – A collaboration of A-list entertainers, upcoming artists and producers will create a tribute song to the legacy of James Brown. High school and college students will have a behind the scenes view of what is involved in a recording of this magnitude. Proceeds from the song would be used to fund music programs.

  • Create programs and scholarships for schools and students who are interested in learning music
  • Create opportunities for students and schools to have access to musicians, artists, producers and business executives in the music industry through seminars/workshops.
  • Provide awareness and health information to impoverished families.
  • Continue a legacy of giving by supporting the Annual James Brown Holiday Charity events of providing turkeys during Thanksgiving and toys during Christmas.

J.A.M.P. students bring the funk with youth program

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- A local program is giving kids an outlet while shaping them into musicians. The kids may be young, but they've got a whole lot of soul.

"You start dancing, any instrument you're playing, I don't care if you're using every single part of your body playing it you're going to dance to the music," said drummer Nicholas Turmon. He's just one of the kids involved in the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils, or J.A.M.P.  READ AND WATCH FULL STORY AT WRDW.COM

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