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James Brown Daughter Keeps His Legacy Alive Through J.A.M.P

J.A.M.P. kids pose with guest speaker Flex Alexander after the L.A. masterclass. (courtesy photo)



Ms. Sharon Jones was a strong advocate of music education for students — THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS!

Every once in a blue moon, you meet someone who truly feels like family even when they are not. Sharon Jones was that person to the James Brown Family Foundation and James Brown referred to her as “daughter”. Ms. Jones welcomed the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils on stage as her opener
last February at The Bell Auditorium in Augusta, GA, on the heels of their performance at the Grammy Museum. Sharon Jones was very, very dear to us and she will be sorely, sorely missed.

Our students loved and respected Ms. Jones. When she was home from touring, she would always come and work with the students. Although I'm sad, it makes me smile when I remember the time she was having so much fun that her glasses fell off her face! The JAMP students learned so much from Sharon Jones and they will always remember her passion for music and be grateful she took the time toshare her talent with them.

Ms. Jones was scheduled to perform at NJPAC in Newark, NJ a few days ago for a tribute to my father. I believe God arranged for her to do that tribute in the heavens right next to Dad.

To my sister and friend, Peace and Love.

Deanna Brown Thomas
President of The James Brown Family Foundation
Founder of James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils